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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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of welcome to new day. i am david moss. >> and i am natalie these are for you. >> beautiful flowersrs i did drink some of this we just passed two hours on i 71 to the capital of our state. we're in capital of ohio. >> if you want to spend the day get some great food, this is theve place to come. >> we have flowers and food and if got italian food anything your heart desires.
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anything in a minute. there is something fairly new here. b >> if you have been in thela market before, this is one of to show you this. care, you have come tos a big stage here. it out focused on making sure a lot of this is locally baked. >> yes, we are actually focused on featuring many local farms here. around ohio and around the country we have hand had and selected we think are really, you know, people helping figure out what to make for dinner and what to take out of the kitchen. >> when they come in, it is like a little grocery store here.s, >> yes these are all pantry
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to help you make a recipe for dinner. we also have these really special provisions andme those are the ds we have curatedelic from all over ohio and the country. >> i found some things in their uphill one that looks very delicious from a local artist and we also have old city photos from cleveland which is doing really well for us in here. when it comes to your produce and what i am seeing here i feel like this is something out of aie picture it almost feels perfectve. >> we believe that you have to make a great meal you have to start with the firm partners we work with in our restaurant it is predominantly organic and everything here is in season we like to think of ourselves as a
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family. >> absolutely if it is not available locally we are not carryingec at except for a few of her the basics like avocados and bananas. el >> labor of love i know is your place why do you feel the need >> i believe so strongly that in order for us with the health of unity and support and on our farmers, that someone really we keep a produce the stand in north market. >> what you over to travel down here heading home you have your dinner ready but ifco you arewh hungry and what a little ones, i d know i am going - - over to her little restaurant where they make all that different things. >> yes we produce produce some fire dishess with thousands sandwich dishes and doubled
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local farms and give our customers a piece off every season. >> i know you are putting out aing soon maybe you can give us a few recipes and we could get the products wea are seeing in front her father. >> yes.. we can line this with a very long time coming we believe having a great destiny will help support our mission.ks >> i know where i'm getting lunch down here on the walkway. gon it looks delicious everything is so fresh and tasty a great place to make sure you bring a big part's or a big car so you can pack all your bags and i thank you soo much for having us. we are just getting started david right now is over there making homemade pretzels. >> we are going to have a little twisted in new day twist a new day right now because w remember i
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pretzels like crazy now you arean with this resin everything. >> mr. is everything. >> yes we of one store in cincinnati area and also a store in grand rapids, michigan. >> what are they making? >> this is caitlin she iss our oldest employee who has been here about four years and this is the lie that we use. the >> it is very old-school very traditional. she is putting the pretzels and am a bake about 20 minutes. >> what does it do for them?ns >> it gives them a nice brown china keeps the pretzels crispy on the outside and breaded on the inside. >> and then we have the master roller. >> yes she is one of the oldest rollers we have.iffe >> this is the thing with the >> s. >> comedy different flavors do
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>> today we have about ten. on any given dayy ten - - 14. >> so what are some of theey oddball flavors that are really goodro we have a baklava pretzel that has honey and all kinds of brown sugar and regular sugar itt does not sound like it would be a great g pretzel but it is really good and country.but >> you are pretzels over here and look at this n' this is like the. regular pretzels but then you have these are like >> yes these are great a lot of people don't know what they taste like a gives them an opportunity to check the flavors out. >> what is this? >> this is jalapeno chose herr it hasin garlic and a little bit of spice and red pepper flakes and roasted garlic. >> i willn'c stop everybody an upmarket and tell them how long
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those? >> twenty - - 25 minutes, but it takes about two hours from start to finish rolling the dough and that big pretzels or $4.50. >> yes. anything that is flavored is about $5. >> that is great when you come to the north marketse y pick up one of these babies and walk aroundr of eat the pretzel and figure out what else you want while you walk around. a lot of really coolol stuff here and as a matteren of fact we are going to leave right now thank you very much. >> thank you you are very good. she is the manager. after the
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w popcorn and we've got it here at the north market in columbus. will come back to new day. how does that smell? >> the best small in the world is what, i have every morning. that is my breakfast. >> do you like an all-natural in the nude? >> naked. we have some naked you call it naked what are someic b other great flavors. >> the cheese and caramel next together isn't known as chicago file
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>> what you do these now? >> right now, i'm going to scoop it up i don't have my rhythm quite yet. >> you are ready to work it out i can see that. hate so - -dash how did you learn how to make popcorn on with your kids? >> my grandpa always made popcorn i grew up in chicagogo my mom always made popcorn when we were kids i that made it for a long time we had popcorn named garretson chicago wending myot sister sent attend a popcorn a.m. and is trying to figure out what to do and that's kind of how i have the thing of i can do popcorn. >> my wife and iou wear over here and we came over to this right here she took a yellow one, and the next thing you know we weren't running around the outside checking out all the. popcorn and you you have one called zebra. >> it is the salted caramel with
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salt i have some other ones that popped into my head we are also branching out and doing not shows nowfa not just popcorn. >> so the garrett family up inn chicago better watch out. >> they sold at they are corporate we are family owned and operated. >> i like your chance to. >> thank you . >> check it out we have allt' kinds of different sizes here the ohio state just a $2 catus can. we have the cleveland browns that is awesome. >> i also just had a shipment come and i have chicago bears tense that just came in i amer here for everybody's needs. ha >> you got this thing going on. i'm thinking maybe a beer or wine may be good with your popcorn. >> absolutely i have a very spicy popcornwiou that goes really
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well. >> that is excellent going to grab a bag of that and toss it over to the grow with the beer and the wind. line. check it out. o >> you might need something to quench your thirst while you're here. that is why you must come to the barrel and bottle you and love for beer and wine. >> yes. >> at the time i was working in a really nice wine shop and already doing some beer stuff andop the space became available so we move done in 2010ha. >> what can people find here? why is that when it when i go into normal places is our thinks i've not seen year. >> we have a lot of spanish wine and portuguese winds and a nice maxat france is a huge wine worldt
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>> you like the smaller space how did you pick your own winee a r that really makes within your c >> normally a great wine inen p cleveland we get a really great selection of wine coming through with lots of different things and pick up our favorite tastings over the weekend and things like that we also have a very fancy wine tasting machine. >> i love the line station when you find others summer if got to helpp were. >> so now the beer is another big aspect of this. >> we have probably over a hundred brands at one given time fore a the beer. probably 15 beers to wine. we have a common ohio and beer and a lot of columbus beers we do same with white we have a lot of ohio wind but we always have specials on things
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that is supera popular right now. >> so you are always having specials. >> we like to highlight something. >> what about price points i feel like people get something for everyone. that is the cheap and yummy sectionn everyone says oh this is where i should be. it is all under 12 bucks, and it is delicious and there is definitely wants that ones that catch your attention you have to come see it what they say. here is a little bit more. >> with the beer it is basically tan when people coming here are- they going to find a lot of thean same things you around?
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shop sizeat we can only so many products shown at one time. >> did you ever have anyone come in here like i've seen it before >> yes. yes it happens often these cherries actuallyan some ofo ch the best year as you can put in manhattan.- >> keep that in mind. it is not just the wine and the beer there is a cute little cocktail section two delicious mixers and things like that you've got the ginger beer. we have it allt we have got everything you would want and the best part is you can come and sit with a nice table. have a nice beer and you are good to go just give it a couple of hours before you drive back to claim one. thank you very much but it looks great with the great glass of a great
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we are heading for some delicious
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while comee back to new day we are at north market in columbus m
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pearson world.d.- and that is world-classk]. >> and then all the fish counter with fresh fish. >> you've you got it.n, you can
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>> you've got it. it is like - - and if you don't have anything to cook the stuff in here you go. we have it all everyone is ready to go. this is at north high street . >> we are a a few minutes south. >> sor when you look in the air look in the big buildingg. >> that is nationwide right there we just named we named her
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morning roasting it right here. and parole these are calling my name. some of the mostir beautiful artisan bread all ofeat >> this is back when i walked over in that area that is another great thing about here go on from here home from here are buying and heirloom tomatomo a nice big one and then go to the cheese monger and get the mozzarella from italy love that. >> we do did that last night actuallyng.c) >> it is a great place we are going to go over and check it out. >> i feel like little ms. miss moffat at this next stopme because we are at kurds in way and that is cheese after cheese after cheeseik c and you have stuff from all over the world
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>> yes. >> so when one comes in, thereba is a wide selection a little overwhelming maybe but you can kind of help people picked based on what they are going for?th >> yes we tryin to talk to people to see what they like. there is a great difference people will say what is your best cheese? there is no answer to that because it might be something as simple as jeter or colby or then they want something exotic and we have to figure out what level they want it we have 500 choices. >> 500 choices in the small little space tell me how you do that what is your most exotic cheesebly that you have? >> i would think this one here. this probably takes the place of wind burger which gets milder
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changed.d. it is made in indianar >> it really takes taser it is pungent smelling. >> for someone but people have a really good taste of cheese and they don't know at. >> and that is definitely part
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>> this is from cleveland and in a few years back we made another cheese it is the buster seasonal cheese in the united states. >> are you kidding me? >> no. and this is from near toledo last year that was thewh best goat cheeseen in the united states. >> when i think of goat cheese i don't think of that - -of ithatyou i don't think of itt and that form. >> yes zero sure. so now i have to try this i don't know though that one was so good. >> try this. >> okay. because you will have a stronger cheese firstsw. >> i may have to push it up that
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this is from france this is the biggest one by a mile. >> what makes it different. >> it's from a different area. >> but it is much milder and iow should not be doing for this and handling it. >> that's are at. >> that site you have hand sanitizer right i know you can eat the winds but and some people choose not to but. >> natural rain should be eatenknow the fire has wax house waxer plastic on it now. i want to eat the next and eat the next. >> i know cheese can get expensive but you have something for everyone. >> yes this is a handmade like the goat cheese this is a little over $25 a pound, but it is handmade.
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it is so worth it love it. mike, thank you t so much for giving meaf a bunch of samples. - i'm going to end this right now because we are going to break and after break we are coming backso to have some fun after
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this is the mother of all places. we made our brought am and look at the. >> i don't know about that i had a that that with my son the
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end and could not quite get it how about in terms of heat and stuff ? when you bring that out to bring specimen still with that what is it? >> this is side basil bean sprouts check this out. it was a little bit of spice and then you customize it a little bit.
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you want it- she is the one behind this assumption did youry g teach him how to do this? what makes them over so i can use my microphone for you to do teach them how to do this it is a check in by that we put in the >> thank you so much for letting us come to your restaurant it is a wonderful spot. >> thank you very much. >> when i was here sitting the other day i saw someone working on a big piece of meat it look like a brisket or somethingis.
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here there are six or seven right here and if you want a drink you go into the cooler all drinks for a dollar it is a fun placehi great delicious food we need to take him come with us and themea show us what we need. >> thiss time of year's big summer it is still warm out i i will start by showing you my most popular barbecue. >> i like it with or without the- barbecue rub? >> smoked and spiced with the
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>> i have'rcook all those any kind with the before salmon spanish capricaso and then we have chili powder and aaa with the extra heat very all-natural i get kind of boredwh doing and was several it with several years of making them it is a vinegar -basedou place in carolina i can do this dry and wait three months for
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fridge little bit spicy andby sweet and salty great flavors with the more traditional flavors the out the poultry with roasted seasoning. >> we are pepper and ground pepperer. >> obviously it is great with that rubs i want to goo around thefo corner. when you come up with the idea of wanting to do something like this? >> they came out on a whimim i was not able to get good spices unfortunately the places had have like bankers hourse. and so
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came and decided that was a good idea i grabbed an application and we will celebrate five yearss so august 1. >> that is coming up. i i feeles like i almost need to hold my nostrils, smelling all of this we even do kind of swiss things for example these pepper coins s wee soaked them for a week and then three days and tried them back out he is in new philadelphia and we use sea salt as well. >> wow. really is someone comes in here you obviously can't explain can explain the background behind everything and they all have great stories yes, yes they do. and you find different ways to really change them upt.
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take the here we take the ingredients and bake themmly with the peppercorn those are completely soaked and >> i'll tell yourk i think we justna h spiced it up make sure you stop by north market spicesea for everything you will need too know that you note you will have great delicious fooday. >> have a great day. dessert on here? >> i have.. we are going to see
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this is what i am talking about what makes this the - ? >> i went to culinary arts i just love it, and i felt like
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town who doesn't love that? exactly. exactly and exactly. o that is chocolate ganache and
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>> i thought there were oreo cookies on top of that. >> now the smaller balls appear. >> those are our cake doughnuts those are big giant cake doughnut holes they have fresh all kinds of stuff sa and then kinds of stuff. change it up? >> yes we change it we have some quarter items core items like the red raspberrieses and the smoked we have the rotation pretty frequently. >> the one thing when we think about eating donutsurs, yourshe d -year-old put any preservatives and your. >> no preservatives no food coloring they are all made from scratch throughout the day every day. if you're going to end all
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>> now, are you open seven days a week? >> absolutely. >> is it best to get there early? >> fortunately throughout the day we do not run out generally we are making fresh ones all day long.k i i want you to do it andbe there is banana in and david will head over are you ready for
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from market form is that when you useas those with the feature isn't future in it? >> and you may have that year round[m we are open seven days a week. you can call him but also come in and get something we are lucky in that way we do weddings and daily workrk but the big part >> i see this then i want to take it home what would i do with that?
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really stand alone they probably last several months. >> that is pretty good i like that over here we have these are ready made to go from ten - - $25 after that they will be come different. >> we are trulyly the car destination we kind of pride ourselves in that from nice to the >> these are all pretty unique and custom-made. >> some of them you may find a larger markets but we do a lot of boutique there is a dive
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this one is for is liker the blue cap. >> this is where you do all your magic back your? >> yeses there are usually three to four of us working here atth anytime we will put together things f or >> so this isis not for a special party. >> people going to c the hospital we always have things ready to go. >> this is some really cool stuff and is. >> this is the garden mexican really pretty green hydrangeas sunflowers are popular right nowtch and this is locally grown. when he come down here for some dinner to take home you see them putting it together for you while you're walking around . >> yes i will. guess that is coming up after the break - -
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will come back. a very special in columbus, ohio it almost looks like an art exhibit the food is so beautiful. i've got angie over here it must be average get over here. >> smb brisket. >> what makes it so special? >> we as our special rub that weat have made after 35 years 30fu years of trial and error we of been around for 30 years it smokes for 15 hours. >> and that is what gives you the beautiful smoke flavor. >> s. >> i triedel to make it myself at him and it home and it never comes out tender i see a lot ofic great things are here what are your biggest sellers? >> definitely our brisket andbo
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>> you are c-euro-sign it down. >> that is alsoat smoked about 15 hours. >> it doesn't look very tender atp fr all does it? that is beautifule sm and then we have our chicken wings all that make our smoked slightly seasoned you can get that for yourself if you need itat and then we have the macaroni and cheese you could swim and it it is so good. >> us this is the chatter mac & cheese and then we have cheddar grits which are my favorite by
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sellers this is the simplest yes. keeping up with that pay leori season. >> what is the street park street you walk in and you don't go much further because the smallte. you and your tracks. never crowd gathering where do you do a look at in? >> our second location in indiana we bring it in fresh every day everything is freshsm and brought in everyday. >> and this kind of barbecue does not really hot or spicy. >> no, it is just smoked you have a smoky flavor that is slightly seasoned we really suggest you try it without the barbecuee sauce first, but we doon keeps also modified over there. >> if you are really looking for some other sauce or something that is really a hot we will go
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. a >> i have saved the sky for last, and you are about to see why. this is a man who is now on the hot sauce hall of fame. i've got to give you a hand shake check this baby out - -an look at that - - how does one get into the hot sauce hall of fame? >> a lot of perseverance and just making stuff and bringing it to the public. >> i am a huge huge fan of hot sauce your sauce is known around the world. >> we have one over 235 first-place awards in our time. >> show me some of the award-winning saucesd you name it is got something. >> our world champion last year was here.
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>> it is a taco style sauce really good on just about anything we are doing more and more of these these are all kinds of mexican stylele .al >> you bottle everything we see here in your facility at faultyt yours? >> yes everythinge. it is all hereea >> you have a huge section where everybody can sample things what is your favorite? >> mine is median he with the jalapeno salsa if i were renaming it today i would call it hot but since you have the habanero to make it hot we calle it medium heat it is definitely outside and delay. >> what is the hottest one yous? have your - - we would have to go the here to this to hear to the subtle shelf behind us right
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>> i heard about this one the black mamba. >> yes this was just a world champion as well. the black mambaahe and then we have 6 million instead of three. >> and can you get higher than that? >> sixteen it's kind of a crystal. >> you've got to see me a child a couple of these before days before we head out. >> let's start at the lower end, it is really with the media so that is a good thing. >> now, no, now it's got kicked
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>> i want you to go to fear it s is the caribbean style a caribbean style sauce we madeev this is made with yellow chilly from the caribbean w starch bonnets and more. >> okay. i won't be buying that oneso i've got there give the milk i think before wrapping this up thank you so much. >> i should rough might toothpaste. >> my mouth is still hot from the hot sauce. >> around the corner from the hot sauce you are still going. >> what a great placeit'sf this is on the corner of spruce and northat are open seven days a week
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comegr on monday you'll miss out on the best fried chicken columbus has. we had a great time i hope you did- we will see you on the next new day. >> all the best food is here and all the best people are here.
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>> the beef with america's beef. >> the excesses. >> why cattle ranchers are blowing the lid off the industry. >> consumers are voting with their wallets. >> what they uncover could change the way you eat beef. plus, do you want to beat the bloat? of course you do. the health foods doctors are begging you not to eat, coming up next. dr. oz: we'll save lives today. are you ready to get healthy!


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